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Article: LOEL GOES TO No.10



Last week I was having one of those days when you question why you ever set up your own business, when at 9.44 precisely my mood lifted somewhat...

I received an email from No.10 Downing Street inviting me to an event to celebrate female owned brands as part of International Women's Day week.
Not only that, we had also been selected as one of only three brands to have the chance to showcase their products at the event.

My first thought? Well this is obviously a scam.  But after some quick investigation work it appeared to be genuine request. To say it was the boost I needed is an understatement. 

Once the initial excitement had subsided we needed to find the best way to showcase the brand. Something attention grabbing and befitting the occasion. We decided on - 

'Our Top 10 at No.10'

Cue a mad dash to Wickes for some supplies ...
...and Hobbycraft for all your last minute essentials
All to replicate the famous black door which is rather fascinating as it turns out.
With the replica created and the branding in place I selected the key pieces that would represent the brand and act as conversation starters for the many incredible women attending the event.
The event itself was a rather joyful affair full of incredible women from all walks of life. We were so inspired by other brilliant female led brands, business leaders, teachers, nurses, charity champions and members of the armed forces to name but a few. I even got a chance to have a wonder around some of the iconic rooms and pick up a few facts along the way.
Here I am in the White Room pretending to be someone very important. The two paintings on either side of the fireplace are both Turners and worth about £20 million each!
It was an absolute honour to be invited and definitely makes the hard graft of running your own business worthwhile.

1. The door is actually made of blast-proof steel rather than the original oak door following an IRA attack on Downing Street. There are two doors which are alternated approximately every two years to be repainted which is why it always looks so shiny.

2. It can only be opened from the inside, where a security guard is on duty 24/7, ready and waiting to open the door on cue for visiting guests. We had to knock. It was surreal.

3. The numbers are white and painted on. The '0' is in fact an 'O'. Apparently, the Ministry of Works in charge of such things had run clean out of ‘0’s’ and had to improvise

4. The letter box is purely decorative and is nothing but a shiny brass plate simply made to look like one (for security purposes) inscribed with the words First Lord of the Treasury. 

5. Larry the cat can often be seen at the entrance of No. 10, in fact he was sleeping soundly by the window when we walked in. He has been in residence since 15 February 2011, he is the first cat at Number 10 to be bestowed with the official title Chief Mouser. Larry was recruited from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on recommendation for his mousing skills. He joined the Number 10 household and has made a significant impact.

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